Property Translator

Property Translator is an administrative plugin for nopCommerce. It can be used to locate and edit missing, duplicated or incorrect property text value.
Property Translator

Property Translator enables you to locate missing, duplicated or incorrect translations of your properties. The plugin works by comparing the text values of properties between the source and destination languages.

The Property Translator also allows the administrator to insert and edit the contents of properties.

The Property Translator also features an export to CSV file function. This feature is designed for the convenience of the translator - the CSV file can easily be imported in Microsoft Excel or other external applications.

What is a Property?
A ‘property’ is defined as the descriptional text element for an object. For example, for a given Product object, there are text multilingual properties like Product name, Short description and Full description. A Category object has the Name and Description properties which can be presented to the user in different languages. Various other nopCommerce objects like product and checkout attributes, pages, message templates and many plugins also have multilingual properties. The Property Translator works only on localized language text values, it does not affect the standard text values.
1) Locate missing resources.
2) Locate duplicate resources.
3) Compare existing resources.
4) Export results to CSV file.
5) Dedicated plugin permission hierarchy - allows the administrator to grant or deny different user groups access to the Property Translator.
6) Dedicated activity log.
1) Free upcoming plugin updates
2) 1 year free license upgrade
3) supported versions of nopCommerce 3.70-4.20