Zonable Shipping

This is an easy to use tool for offline price calculation of delivery rates based on custom zones and order’s weight.
Zonable Shipping

The Zonable Shipping plugin allows the user to define multiple shipping providers. Each shipping provider can be assigned to one, many or all stores.

Every shipping provider should have one or more zones and at least one definition of weight limit.

Each zone refers to a custom area restricted by Country, Province/State or ZipCode and can have different estimation of delivery time. In addition per each zone there are settings specifying free shipping threshold, delivery threshold and additional fee which is a percentage of the order. Any combination of zone and weight limit has different base price that can be set.

1) Defining different shipping providers.
2) Defining different weight ranges for each provider.
3) Defining different zones for each provider.
4) Specifying estimation of delivery for each zone.
5) Specifying fixed price for each zone-weight combination.
6) Specifying minimum order price as threshold upon which delivery to the zone can be done.
7) Specifying for each zone additional fee which represents a percentage of the order price added to the fixed price.
8) Specifying free delivery threshold for each zone.
9) Dedicated plugin permission hierarchy - allows the administrator to grant or deny different user groups access to the Resource Translator.
10) Dedicated activity log.
1) Free upcoming plugin updates
2) 1 year free license upgrade
3) supported versions of nopCommerce 4.10-4.20
4) versions 3.70-4.00 can be delivered on demand